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Even though we only had a 10 minute fall/winter season in Atlanta, my hair could do no wrong. It was moisturized, stretched to perfection; I could even cover it at night, wake up the next day and it was perfect. (See here)
Fast forward to this 2 second, 90 degree Spring season we’re having. My effortless hair doing days are over.

I can honestly say I’ve been sort of lazy at night, so I went back to twisting my hair before bed since it was easier than braiding. What you put in is what you get out, because I have never experienced this amount of shrinkage in. my. life. I had one good week when it cooled off where it didn’t look like my hair absorbed every particle of moisture in the atmosphere. Not only were the curls shorter and tighter, but they were drier.

Now before the natural-hair brigade comes tearing through my door with a wrecking ball, no amount of steam, yogurt-milk based concoction, ACV mixes, holding or pinning with duckbill clips, or protein would help with the shrinkage. My hair is (somewhat) getting back the moisture, but my hair would retreat in a heartbeat. The solution: go back to the handy braid-out.

For me, the braids keep my hair elongated through the night and my roots secure. I can actually have big hair again without manual manipulation to make the hair to appear fuller. It’s already stretched! I switched up my products a bit to help guide this process along.

Here’s what I used in the washing process:

Shampoo Bar – not shown

Jessicurl Deep Conditioner – Staple. Always have and always will be. Toss it on wet hair, sit under a steamer or hair dryer, 20 minutes later – hair like butter.

Oyin’s Honey Hemp Conditioner – Another staple. I use this as my leave-in because of the slip it gives and it smells great.

Grapeseed Oil – Used to seal hair and ends. I love this oil because it’s light, perfect for the warmer season.

Miss Jessies Quick Curls – This is a product I bought during the BOGO sale they had during the holidays. I tried it a couple times and let my hair hair dry and it stretch my curls nicely. Very, very nicely. I really can’t say I use it for anything else, except to stretch the strands.

Bee Mine Curly Butter – Staple. I love how my hair, especially my ends, react when I use this. For those that don’t want to spend the money on Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme, this stuff is much lighter on the hair as well as the pockets. I keep a little jar of this in my handy hair kit in my purse at all times in case my hair gets dry. This doesn’t have to be used after you’ve oiled your hair. It’s just a staple and I thought I’d share. 🙂

To set, I went back to old faithful: Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. Only a little (and I mean a little) is needed. I put a fingertip’s size through each section I want to set, braid it, it’s done. The results: see the main picture above.

Overall I’m satisfied. The old me would have looked for 72 new products to try to make it all work. Instead, I just went back to what was working before.

Saved me time and money.

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1 thought on “The Hair Affair: A Candid Update

  • Tenikca Gainey

    I have tried rope twist to the scalp (8) done tightly and that has given me good stretch. I admit I have been lazy with my deep conditions but they are a must! I am a bit of a product junkie so my staples vary according to what I am doing with my hair.

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