Motherhood is a pretty cool deal until you hit the phase of temper tantrums…and that’s when the sh** gets real. Here’s exactly what I’ve been using to help calm those tantrums naturally.

One of the ages people always tend to give a bad rap are the two’s – terrible twos, as they call it – and I was semi-terrified when the time came. Maybe because Laila moves faster than the average, but we hit that milestone way before two. Matter of fact, I absolutely LOVE this age of two! Laila hit her terrible phase at 15 months.

The hour-long tantrums, the banging of the head, the screaming, the crying, and the flailing of arms, all’a that. We hit it and I spent most of months 15-17 crying, wishing the phase would be over (and promising she would be an only child). It was so bad I banned Laila from even going to the grocery store for 6 months because she caused such a scene. At times it was due to her frustration and inability to communicate what she was feeling; other times it was just a full on outburst of several thousand emotions. Either way, it was that bad.

Around 20 months things had gotten better, but I still sought out some natural ways I could help guide her through those tough times with grace. After I started learning more about essential oils with Young Living and how they help with emotional health, I decided to get my hands on the Holy Grail of calming anxiety, and it wasn’t a chemical or a pill. It was the essential oil blend, Peace & Calming.

The oils in this blend contain tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli, & blue tansy & have been historically used to help reduce depression, anxiety, stress, and tension, according to the Essential Oils Reference Guide.

Laila has come a long way from throwing tantrums, but from time to time she gets anxious or whiny, and usually it’s for a specific reason and then there are times when she has full on meltdowns. When I notice her getting that way, I reach for Peace & Calming; rub some oils on my fingertips and swipe behind her ears. Sometimes I’ll incorporate hugging her close to my heart for a minute just to let it kick in.

Laila, sitting patiently as I took this photo, 3 minutes after a full-on meltdown before school.


This oil has come through 100% every single time! Whether it’s anxiousness about getting strapped in the car seat, leaving Mommy to go to school, the inability to find her favorite toy and the tears begin to fall, Peace & Calming is it! I always keep a bottle handy!

This blend can be used on adults too! Sometimes when the entire house is in the witching hour and needs to chill, I’ll diffuse this blend to bring the house to a calmer vibe. You can rub a few drops on the bottom of your feet or on the back of your neck before bed to induce relaxation and sleep. Works like a charm! This blend is the real deal for calming nerves!

Once I got my hands on this, I realized I didn’t have to suffer in silence anymore while my child just lost her mind. If you think essential oils are just there to “make the house smell good”, you’re way off the mark! Many oil blends, like Young Living’s Peace & Calming, are made for emotional support. This is one of many stories I can share about the power of essential oils helping us wrangle a toddler and all of her big, enormous feelings!

Love what you read? Here’s more information about essential oils, what they are and how you can get your hands on them! If you’re not sure, I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions you have!

Mamas, get your hands on this! I got you! 🙂

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