I am so overwhelmed with joy and had to share it! Last month, my Mom and I sponsored a collabo giveaway (See here) in which the winner would receive 2 $25 gift cards to Sephora and MAC Cosmetics. We were both so excited to do this simply because the idea came up in October to do it for Thanksgiving, and it never happened. So we vowed that Christmas 2011 would be the time. We executed and picked a winner (See that in action here.) Once chosen, we sent off our prizes to our lucky winner.

The winner recently created and posted a video thanking us for her prizes. I am so honored (you just don’t understand). This really brings my heart joy to know that I can be a part of bringing something positive to someone else’s life! Thank you Sonia for the beautiful video!

Be sure to check out Sonia’s YouTube Channel here!


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