Even in my busiest of times, I still love trying new beauty concoctions that will get me the ultimate results I’m seeking to improve something. If it’s something I believe in and believe will work, I’ll give it a shot. So when Pura Vida Body contacted me to try their coconut coffee body scrub, I decided to give it a try. I used the product for a week to really test it out to see if it worked for me. Here’s the scoop.

•Organic Arabica Coffee
•Organic Coconut Oil
•Organic Brown Sugar
•Sea Salt

Full benefit list here.

The deal
•The contents come in a brown packaging, which you can zip up to close after use.
•The product smells just like coffee, but not in an overbearing way. Don’t worry about smelling like your favorite Venti coffee from Starbucks.
•If you’re used to using a scrub in the shower, the coffee grounds are bigger, so it gives you a different feeling than what you’re used to.

The verdict
This scrub is different than anything I’ve tried before! It made my skin so soft and supple and moisturized. I could actually feel the coconut oil on my skin after rinsing, but not in greasy way. I was very fond of the natural ingredient list, which ensures I’m not putting random dyes, perfumes, or mystery things on my skin, which can leave it irritated. This scrub is a keeper and a great addition to my weekly beauty treatments.

Overall I would recommend this to add to any beauty regiment you have already.

Disclaimer: I received a sample of this product for review. This review is an authentic look at my opinion of the Pura Vida Coffee Scrub and all opinions are my own

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