Just when you think you know love, something little comes along just to remind you how big it really is.

My heart is full & my jeans won’t button. With much prayer, my hubby & I are expecting our 2nd blessing from God! The news came at a perfect time where I was feeling super overwhelmed with travel, social media, the news, that I decided to take a little bit of a break to gather myself. In the time of gathering, and queasiness, I found myself more refreshed, with tons of clarity and a growing bump!

I have been so much more relaxed and chill about this pregnancy than with Laila, I must say. I’m much more confident in myself as a mother, what my body is doing, what I’m eating, and all the raging emotions that come along this ride. So far, it has been smooth sailing! I will say this – being pregnant with a toddler is THE CHALLENGE! I’m just trying to keep everyone alive, keep myself fed before I bite anyone’s head off, remember to do my kegels, drink tons of water, and pray to the Lord my skin doesn’t look like a dinosaur’s by the time it’s all over.

If you’re on this ship, thanks for not jumping off (LOL). Welcome to the next chapter in my life & for Blushing Black. 🙂

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