Model portfolio photo with my natural lashes

Years ago, I stumbled across the secret that allows me to achieve long, lush lashes with every mascara application.  For those that have fallen victim to the 33,000 mascara commercials that “claim” to take your lashes from the window to the wall, only to find out you’ve wasted your money, pull up a chair!  I’ve always had a great response to my lashes for years, without the need of applying false ones.  I am about to share one of my best beauty secrets.  What I’m about to explain is no phenomena or rocket science theory.  It just makes sense!

Me with my natural lashes
The main thing I’ve learned with mascara and trying to achieve long and defined lashes is not just in the mascara – try the comb brush!!!  The skinnier the brush, the more defined the lash.  Think about it:  when you’re doing hair, you use a comb to guide your hair to achieve that perfect, in place pony or hair ‘do.  You’d normally wouldn’t depend on a brush.  Same difference when it comes to mascara.  Comb brushes allow you to achieve a more natural, defined look vs. volume or worse: clumpy “spider eyes” with those thick brushes!

The best way to apply mascaras with comb brushes is to slowly start application at the base of the lashes and apply using a zig-zag pattern until you get to the middle of the lashes, then continue up.  Once the lashes are high enough for you, then tend to the ends of the lashes to comb out any ones that decided to stick together (if necessary).

So what would I recommend???
L’oreal Paris Shocking Volume Mascara in Blackest Black – $10
Hands down: my favorite mascara on earth.  This product has been a staple in my beauty bag for the last 5 years consistently. It beat out all high-end mascaras for only $10!! The mascara application comes in two steps: a conditioner and the mascara.  The conditioner is added to prep the lashes before application.  The end result:  a lot of people in awe at how long your lashes are!  You can purchase this mascara here

Clinique’s High Lengths Mascara in Black – $14.50
Clinique brings you an affordable option that has the name and game to compete with all the others.  High Lengths Mascara comes with a fine-tooth application brush, sturdy enough to stand against those stubborn lashes that won’t budge.  I actually like this one also, even though it doesn’t come with the favored conditioner I like in L’oreal’s Shocking Volume. HLM definitely does the job!
Please remember to change your mascara every three months!
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