Today we celebrate mothers and the fabulous sacrifices they made for us in our lives.  Let me just say that my mom is going to k-i-l-l me for posting some of these, but I just want to share with the world who I have as a mommy!  Today I celebrate Monique.  She is my heart…and I got most of my features from her. LOL  She’s did so much for my brother and I growing up (even now) that I could give the Declaration of Independence a run for its money.
My mom’s a girly girl.  She loves shoes & bags, the color pink, Starbucks, makeup, and shopping.  She’s a true diva at heart!  Even though I am not a mother, I am a witness of what it’s like to feel a Mother’s love and sacrifice for her children.  My mother has done a tremendous job!  Even though her Mommy (my Nana) is not here with us anymore, we still feel her in spirit.
I went through my thousands of pictures to find some pics of my Mom that brings back fond memories.  Today, I celebrate my Mom and all of her fabulousness.  Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day to all the other fabulous mothers worldwide!!
My Mom’s tattoo of her mother, my Nana
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