August 22, 2007, I left Florida with my clothes, a check & a dream. Looking back at the good & bad that made me who I am today!

Map of Atlanta by ModernMap Art

My fascination with Atlanta started in 2000 when I was 16 years old. I came to visit some family who lived here at the time and I completely fell in love. The pace, the accessibility to shopping, the culture, the rich history, the music, the scene – everything! I left that trip vowing that I would one day become a resident of Atlanta when I had the chance.

In 2007, I moved back in with my parents after a stint with my first job out of college ended up being disaster. I found work wherever I could, mainly using Craigslist or anyone who knew someone that could refer me to someone else for a potential job. My first job I landed was a Marketing Assistant for a real estate agent; the second and final job was a secretary.

Throughout my time, I developed a plan to get back to the city I once fell in love with – Atlanta. I visited many major cities in my life, but I’m not sure why the attraction was so strong and deep. I just knew I had to get some money and get there. After several jobs applied for, I received an offer to a well-known corporate company who offered to pay for my move. Done! Sold.

With no keys to a home, I took my check, searched for a few properties to rent on Craigslist, printed out directions on Mapquest, made appointments to meet with the #1 choice, packed my Chevy Prism and headed north.

On August 22, 2007, I arrived in the city of Atlanta, received keys in hand for a townhouse a few hours later, moved in with no furniture or bed, and essentially began my life.

To say my life has been turned upside down since I made Atlanta my home is an understatement. Living in Atlanta has allowed me to grow and learn so much about myself, who I am as a person, and the light I was given to share with everyone I meet.

The birthday celebrations. The fashion shows. Learning photography. Meeting my husband. Moving. Many, many moves. Making new friends. The Sorors (enough said). Getting married. Finding a church home. Starting our own family. This city has afforded me opportunities that I could have never imagined! Even though I’m a Florida girl through and through, I love that I decided to follow my heart and make Atlanta my new home.

These 10 years have FLOWN by. Even though I’ve had just as much heartbreak and setbacks as I’ve had amazing times, I wouldn’t trade this time and experience in any other city! Cheers to 10 years!


Map gifted by ModernMap Art

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1 thought on “Celebrating 10 Years in Atlanta

  • I love this post! Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! I’ve been to Atlanta many times and while I don’t love it like you do, I can definitely understand the charm. It’s like a big city with a smaller city charm. Hope you enjoy many more years there!! And your daughter is precious!!

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