Sneakers. Tennis shoes. Kicks. Js. 1s, 3s, 4s, & 5s. Whatever your jargon, slang or idiom, we can all attest that sneakers have become a staple within the urban identity.Before it was considered “cool” with mainstream fashion, our favorite rappers rocked the mic in them and our favorite basketball players defied gravity in them. Whether you preferred icy soles with three stripes or a Jumpman on the front, highs, lows, or mids, or clean & “crispy” or dirty “beaters”, your choice of sneaker always had to reflect your sense of style.

talk-is-cheap-4Growing up, I had a pair of lowtop Reebok Classics. The Nylon Slim Exos to be exact. One pair red, one pair black. Now my fave kicks to rock are my Js (love the 1s) & Adidas.

If they are purple or have some sort of red on them, consider me sold!




If you were considered a sneaker head, you never lacked in the area of choosing a favorite style of shoe. Styles range from the simplest, minimalist plain white shoe (think your Nike AirForce 1’s or Adidas all white shelltoes) to the most complicated designs, including shine, flashing lights, paint splatters, straps & Velcro, and even a bubble basketball on the tongue to “Pump” up your shoes (remember those?). You weren’t considered “fresh” unless you had the newest pair out and it was a sin to get them dirty!

7. Superstar Ron Wood

Long before Run DMC was rapping about “My Adidas”, the sneaker actually dates back to the 19th century! Before they were sneakers, they were known as “plimsoles” in 1873. Try adding that to your 16 bar hook about your kicks next time you’re in the booth!

For all you cool kids who love a fresh pair of kicks, learning about history, & will be in Atlanta this summer, I invite you to check out The Rise of Sneaker Culture at the High Museum of Art. If you’ve never visited the High Museum, you have to put it on your places-to-go list this summer! It is such a dope place to visit!11. AJ 1 From Nike_Ron Wood

The exhibit (which you can read more in detail here) will run from June 11, 2016 to August 14, 2016.

Where all the cool kids will be

To kick things off, High Museum will be hosting a fabulous launch party the day before the exhibit on June 10th from 7pm-10pm. The party is only $10 or free for members of High Museum! Wanna go? You can find all things launch party info here.

Me & my get fresh crew will be kickin’ it at the party. Meet me there. It’s gonna be lit!

This post is sponsored by The High Museum of Art; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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