Twenty, twenty.

2020: we’ve been waiting on you. 

Twenty, twenty. I still feel like that 15 year old a few weeks shy of her 16th birthday leaving Watch Night service at church ringing in 2000! I look up and it’s a whole 20 years later. They say it goes by fast – that’s an understatement.

On top of years flying, Blushing Black is 9 years old today! N.I.N.E. When I came up with a concept for a blog back in 2010, I honestly needed a cool and amazing way to create in a pretty location of the internet that was my own. From a thought, Blushing Black was born.

Things have changed significantly as I went from being a fiancé to married to now a mother. I’ve changed jobs. I’ve changed homes. I’ve changed on a whole personal level. As I walk in this new decade and season, my goal is to share who that woman is with an open heart, mind and vulnerability. 

Curl up on the sofa with me. Let’s chat. 

Cheers to 9 years & Happy New Year.

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