So, it’s my birthday.  Another 365 days behind me and the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  I must say, I’m actually excited to be 27 years young.  I feel like each year I grow as I age, so there’s no wishing I could be a certain age again.  When you have that perspective, you tend to look forward to another year older.  I’ve grown into the woman I knew I would become, and with age I always get better! 
This birthday is more about reflecting on the last 26 of life.  Who I’ve grown to be, what I’ve accomplished, how much God has blessed me through it all.  It’s an occasion to really celebrate within.  There are many people I wish I had here to celebrate the occasion with me (My Nana, Cousins, Uncles, and Aunts) that I’ve lost in this journey of life, but I thanks God for the opportunity to have them in my lives for the days I did.

What’s next?  A new year, a new age, and now I’m on my way to getting married. The age of twenty seven may just become of my favorite ages yet!  With looking back on the last 26 years and all that I am looking forward to, it’s a sure thing.



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