So in my effort to keep it real in these streets, (LOL) I thought I’d drop another jewel on you guys. This one is for my MUA’s out there…y’all can thank me later! Lol

With the surge of YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and any other social media site you can think of, everyone has all of a sudden become a “makeup expert” – including you! Yeah you. The one who follows such and such and just knoooows that you need this exact product to achieve this vision in your head. Well, coming from the “makeup counter” environment, I know the pain of dealing with you all too well! Here are a few tips to make your next counter visit productive, and maybe, actually get what you want!


1. Makeup counters sell products.

I know this seems too simple to be true, but over the years there has been a big misconception that you go to a counter to get your makeup done. These people are here to sell products. That is their job. So don’t be offended, surprised or upset when the artist you are working with is focused on showing you products that you should be interested in purchasing. Cosmetic companies don’t make money off of the service. They make it by selling products. And they hire artists to demonstrate and teach you how to use them. If you just want a makeup application, you should be hiring a freelance makeup artist.


2. Makeup Artists have nothing to prove to you.

I think we can assume that if a company hired that person, it is for a reason. And it may not be that they are the best at applying makeup. Unfortunately, that is the risk you take when you step up to a makeup counter. No different than going to a restaurant or a car lot – you don’t have a guarantee of what you’ll get. What definitely doesn’t help is a customer coming to you with a nasty attitude. Face all screwed up and mind closed shut. Be open to what the artist has to say. Hear them out and let them finish the application before you make final decisions.

3. Be patient.

If you go to a mall on a Saturday, you can pretty much expect it to be busy! (Duh) Complaining about needing help when you can clearly see the counter is at its maximum volume is just, well, stupid. And frankly, it’s not helping. Neither is staring a whole in the side of an artists face, or rudely interrupting an application already in process. I always advise stopping by on a Tuesday or Wednesday, early or mid day, if possible. That way you have the time and attention you need.


4. Help the artist help you!

When we walk up to the counter, try to have some idea of what you want to achieve. Nothing is more annoying than the woman who comes and wants to try on everything, but has no idea what she really wants. Again, these people are here to help you purchase products! Not give you a make over or change your whole perception of yourself. At least know your likes and dislikes, or if nothing else, have a budget. Pictures can be helpful as well. It makes it so much easier if both of you don’t have to play the guessing game.


5. Be prepared to invest.

Nowadays we have ton of platforms and artists displaying looks and talents. Here’s a tip: no artist EVER uses one thing! So when you bring that picture or approach an artist saying you want “this look”, be prepared to invest in multiple products. Many women will hit me with the “Uh Uh! Don’t be showing me all that stuff! I just wanna use one thing!” However, you are showing me a picture of Kim Kardashian. #blankstare Just understand that the artist will show you the products necessary to achieve the look. Lipsticks need liners, foundations need primers, blushes tend to be highlighted. Your artist is used to committing to the look. So if you say “I want my eyes to look like yours”, please know they will not show you one eye shadow.

I think that about wraps up most of the misconceptions. Knowing is half the battle! You’ve been informed. We artists are fun and creative and we would like to stay that way. It’s the business side of things that can suck the fun right out of the job. You will be surprised at how much better of an experience you will have if you take these things into consideration. Feel free to comment and let me know on how it goes (een though, I already know *wink*)!

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Joy N. Randall is an award-winning, professional makeup artist, and cosmetologist. Her resume includes NASCAR Productions, The Color Purple Broadway, 2012 , and The David Letterman Show. She is a full time freelance artist under her own brand, Flawless Makeup Art in Charlotte, NC.

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