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Earlier in my career, I had a lovely friend of mine here in Charlotte who was a local radio personality. I would constantly talk her ear off about my dreams and aspirations as an MUA, and somehow, one day the photography of Derek Blanks came up. Now, this is right before his “alter ego” shoots really went viral. It would be a year or two after he did the shoot for the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

At that time, I came across makeup artist Toni Acey’s website, and started to rant and rave about how much I loved her site and her work. Out of the blue my friend says, “That’s my cousin! I can totally take you to meet her!” About a week later, we took a day trip down to the “A” (Atlanta for my straight laced folks) and before you know it, my girlfriend, Toni Acey, & I were having lunch together! A few of Toni’s friends joined us, including Christina Johnson of Atlanta Exes.

I loved Christine’s personality right out the gate! I fell in love with her energy and spirit. She was so warm and friendly and we just clicked. Not only was she a fellow Charlottean, but she was formerly married to Cee Lo Green! After our visit, we stayed connected via our social networks. When Christine and Toni Acey decided to collaborate on a cosmetic line earlier this year, I knew I had to get my hands on some to try it! They named the line Butterfly EFX.

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With an amazing makeup artist creatively directing, I knew it wouldn’t disappoint! And I was right! The stackable glosses had colors which were so vivid and saturated, they made my lips feel amazing. The color range of options give you a full spectrum from day to night to natural or dramatic. I took the opportunity to ask them a few questions about the new cosmetic line and here’s what they had to say.


1. So what inspired you to create a line of cosmetics?
Butterfly EFX was created by two women who truly understand color, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Toni Acey and Interior Designer to the stars, Christina Johnson. Butterfly EFX is a global cosmetics brand inspired by the delicateness and highly pigmented wings of a butterfly, their ideal model of extraordinary beauty and freedom of expression. Founders Toni Acey and Christina Johnson, respectively, use color and texture as the focal point of inspiration for the brand.

2. Butterfly EFX is such an interesting name for a makeup line! How
did you come up with it?

Butterfly signifies transformation so when the we both had an epiphany one morning about butterflies we thought it had to be the perfect name for the brand. We added the letters EFX as an ode the Butterfly Effect but also because in makeup “fx” is all about transformation as well.

3. I absolutely love the names for the shades! How did you come up with them?

We wanted the names to be fun and something that women respond well to and have fun hash tagging as well. So we held a focus group with a diverse group of women who helped us come up with these fun names!

4. I love the packaging on the stackables and how it talks about the
chakras! Tell me more about that.

We wanted to develop packaging with a purpose! The colors in the lip gloss stackables are aligned similar to our chakras so that they represent good vibrations.

5. What’s next for Butterfly EFX? Anything planned for this year?
We have launched our website: And now we are working on distribution so that you will be able to buy Butterfly EFX in a department store near you! This year we will also begin promoting the product at live events and trade shows!

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I’m so excited for these ladies and the brand they are building! Wishing them both nothing but good vibes and exponential growth. Make sure to check out their products and support their movement. Butterfly EFX is officially Flawless-approved!


Joy N. Randall is an award-winning, professional makeup artist, and cosmetologist. Her resume includes NASCAR Productions, The Color Purple Broadway, 2012 , and The David Letterman Show. She is a full time freelance artist under her own brand, Flawless Makeup Art in Charlotte, NC.

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