Over the for the past few weeks, I have had a number of people approach me about my hair and what I do in terms of styling my hair, so I decided to share.  For inquiring minds, my hair is in it’s natural state and has not been altered by any chemicals.

My favorite style is the Braid-Out. My hair is naturally fine, so this style gives me more of a defined curl pattern and thicker results than a twist-out would.  Here’s what I use:

-I divide my hair in 5 sections first; Align the comb above the middle of the right brow and part from hairline to back of the neck, then clip. Do the same for the left side and clip. Make a section for the middle/crown of the head and clip a parted section in the middle of the section and clip.

-Start by unclipping the section on the right, split the section in two (horizontally) to make two parts.  Clip up the top section, keeping the bottom half free to braid.

-Spray that section of your hair (lightly) with water, apply a fingertip’s worth of Baby Buttercreme to your hair and finger comb to detangle.  Then use the Denman Brush to smooth the hair.  Starting from the end and working your way up until hair shaft is smooth.  Braid hair from root to tip. Do the same for the left side.  Now you should have four braids.

-Do the same for the middle of the hair making one braid.  Do not split.

-Focus on the last two front pieces last.  Braid.

-You should have a total of 7 braids.  Your hair should be slightly damp, not drenched or sopping wet.  Then, cover hair with a do-rag and scarf or satin bonnet to tie down.

-Once dry, unbraid hair with your favorite oil.  Do NOT unbraid your hair dry to avoid frizziness.  After all sections are unbraided, separate each section to make fuller and to desired style.

Now for the fun part:  A GIVEAWAY!!!

I am giving away a brand new, unopened jar of Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme. This is one of my favorite hair products that I’ve tried and now I want to share it with one of my beautiful readers. FYI: You do not have to be natural to use this product.

November 28 – December 4

Winner will be selected at random and announced December 5!

Thanks for reading and GOOD LUCK!

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4 thoughts on “Blushing Black Beauty: My Braid-Out Instructions + Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme Giveaway!

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    Hey lady!

    I have always love your contributions to black beauty. Still using that vaseline+eye shadow tip. Liked, followed, subscribed…

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