When a woman wears red lipstick, to me, it represents courage, boldness, beauty, and confidence. Red lips are nothing new and has solidified it’s place is beauty and fashion as a bona fide classic.

Although there a few more reds I will be trying in the near future, I’ve come across a few reds in my own personal collection that delivers the punch every single time. The particular 3 all have a different reason why I love to use them.

Cost, Color, & Moisture
Wet ‘n’ Wild Lip Color, Cherry Frost 514A – $4.74

I recently picked up this red to test and I was surprised how much I liked the results. I didn’t expect this to turn out as well as it did, but it left my lips soft with a pretty color! Although we lovers of beauty are into the big names, don’t sleep on this color! It definitely delivers!

Cost, Moisture, & Rich Color
Maybelline’s Red Revival – $7.49

I RAVE about this color. I understand there may be more expensive brands on the market that will do the job, but this color is my STAPLE! The color is super rich and moisturizing. It’s insane.

I have five different lipsticks from Maybelline and this is, by far, my absolute favorite of all!

*Put it this way: if they ever discontinued it, I’d cry myself to sleep.*

Matte, Rich Color
MAC’s Ruby Woo – $15

My mom has been telling me about this color for a long time and I finally paid attention and got it. I am not big on matte lipsticks, but I LOVE this one by MAC. The color is sooooo rich and gorgeous when applied. It doesn’t feather or leave you wanting more out of your lipstick. It’s the real deal!

What are your favorite shades of red lipsticks?

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2 thoughts on “Black Fridays: My Favorite Red Lipsticks

  • Awesome! I also live MAC’s Chili for a much orangeier red! Good stuff for brown girls chica! Love it! 😉

    • LaTisha

      @Joy *takes notes* You know if you told me green was the hottest color of all time, I’d go and buy it! LOL I’m wearing the color Pink Nouveau you told me to get last summer. Uh huh. ‘Chili’, huh? Gonna have to go get it! 🙂

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