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So if you’re anything like me, you are over Winter and ready for all the goodness Spring has to offer! Blooming flowers, warm weather, and fresh fashion! Spring can be such a tease with warm (ish) days, just to turn around and have Winter brutally remind you it’s still here on cold nights. But no worries, I’m here to plant some seeds of Spring Makeup Trends! Here are some exciting looks that will make your fashion bloom!


The new way to wear bronzer! Think windblown, desert-chic. Monochromatic tones of deep warm browns with strategically placed shimmer…warm golds and bronzes, wheat, tan. This trend is about softly shaping the face & hard contours are out! Make sure the products you use to achieve this are “jet milled” or extremely fine in texture. No room for chunky glitter here. This should mimic the natural effects of the sun.

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Think 60’s mod or 80’s pop. Zig zag liner, extreme cat eyes, graphic shapes with unexpected pops of color. This is where your crazy lipsticks (green, blue, white, etc.) come in too! For makeup enthusiasts, this is a fun trend to follow, because you can play and go crazy. If you’re not into makeup so much, or just getting started, it can seem a bit intimidating. The easiest way to pull this look off is with a bright and popping lip color…let that be your focal point, and minimize everything else.


Beautiful Nothing…
Flawless, perfected, extremely soft and supple skin. Think makeup with skin care! Step your game up on the skin care side of things, there are a ton of products out there now! Like BB creams, skin brighteners, cleansing devices, oils, and so much more. You want skin that has that “just had an Oxygen facial” glow! This trend is not about makeup so much, in fact, the makeup is very minimal. You only put powder and/or foundation where absolutely necessary. So for the “I don’t wear makeup” girls, here is a look you can get into! Skin care is not cheap! So don’t get that twisted. Lifestyle will have an effect on his too. Drinking water, eating healthy and exercise help to bring life to the skin as well.


Soft washes of silvers, peach, lemon, mint, apple and lilac. Subtle pastels, and silver and white shimmers. Normally, silver is not one of my go to colors. But this trend has me a little more open minded. On lighter skin tones silvers and pastels are easier to pull on all areas of the face. On deeper skin tones, you must be careful that it doesn’t pay off as an ashy mess! Loose pigments are a great way to accomplish this look. Concentrate the silvers and whites in the inner corners of the eye and the highlight of the cheek bone and play with pastel tones on the lips.

So to sum it all up, spring is about freshness! No more deep burgundy’s, wines or smoked purples. It’s time for pinks, oranges, corals and pastels. Skin is fresh and hydrated, that super matte look is so DONE! And skin care is just as (if not more) important as your makeup! Bronzer has been revamped this season, it’s not just on the face, the tone is on the eyes, cheeks and lips!

I am one of many in the industry with expertise on beauty. Beauty is a part of fashion and at the end of the day, what really matters is that you take information and see what works best for you. Confidence is your absolute best cosmetic! All of this means nothing if you don’t feel like a “Flawless” you when it’s all said and done. I hope you enjoy the tips! Do #WERK!


Joy Nichelle Randall is the owner of Flawless Makeup Art based in Charlotte, NC. She is an award winning, professional makeup artist, with over 7 years experience in the beauty and fashion industry. Joy has worked with a wide span of clients from NASCAR Media Group to “The Color Purple” on Broadway. She started her career with MAC Cosmetics, and moved on to companies such as L’Oreal and Urban Decay. She is now a full time freelance artist under her own brand.”

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All photos are owned and copywritten by Joy Randall of Flawless Makeup Art


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