Last summer around this time, if you remember, I was in the middle of extensive travel. Fast forward to this year and it’s safe to say I’m at it again. Although traveling is fun, it can be a hassle to worry about my hair in different climates and how it will behave. It became a challenge to travel with a bunch of products to try to keep myself looking as normal as possible. Then to make sure I had the products I liked, I would being them ALL. So to make things easier, I decided to get a sew-in for the summer and keep my hair protected for a while.

I transitioned from relaxed to natural in 2007 by wearing sew-ins for 7-8 months. Sew-ins are super convenient for me and easy to care for, as they give my natural curls a nice break from the harsh elements of the season. My hair tends to misbehave in the Summer anyway, so it was a smart choice to make.

One of the major things I’ve learned about my hair is this: if you leave it alone to let it do its thing, it will flourish like it needs to. The more I manipulate it, the less it behaves. A sew-in is perfect as a protective style for the summer and makes travel a little more easier to enjoy.

If you’re thinking of wearing a protective style for the Summer, regardless of style, here are some things you should definitely do to preserve your hair to ensure it stays healthy while on a break and you have hair later on!

//Protein – It’s advised to get a protein treatment every 6-8 weeks. Protein strengthens the hair by filling in the gaps on the shaft. Use a protein treatment after washing the hair clean. This will keep the hair from popping off and stringy. This will also help minimize shedding.

Use This: Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer & Two-Step Protein Treatment + Moisturizer


//Deep Condition (with heat or steam) – This is an absolute MUST to do before you get a protective style. Ensuring you put moisture back into the hair after cleansing before subjecting your hair to hairstyling will help keep your hair healthy and keep it from breaking.

Use This: Deep Conditioning Treatment No Fragrance – 8oz


//Moisturize – You can get so wrapped up with make sure the hairstyle itself looks good that you can forget to take care of your own hair underneath. I recommend using a creamy moisturizer for your scalp with braids. If you’re wearing a sew-in, it’s extremely important to moisturize those edges! Leave the light and dry oils for the hairstyle to keep it moisturized and flowy.

Use This: Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer  or Miss Jessie’s Original Baby Buttercreme

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