Happy Summer everyone! Today I’m here to bring you 5 of my favorite trends that are making their way back on the scene.  For you fashionistas that are into trends and being up on the latest fashions, I can assure that you can’t go wrong with these pieces.

Summer Solstice: High Waist Denim Shorts

High waisted denim shorts are back.  Some will come distressed (like above), studded, or with fringe edges.  Wear there these with a cute tee or a contrasting look with a sleeveless button down, tucked in.

Summer Solstice: Tribal Print

Quite possibly my favorite trend.  I love prints, especially tribal.  For those into patterns, it’s best to only wear one print paired with solid colors.


Summer Solstice: The Bralet

Ahh, the bralet.  How we’ve missed thee.  This funky little top in corset form is only for the true fashion heads that don’t mind taking fashion risks.


Summer Solstice: Round Sunnies

From John Lennon to “Dwayne Wayne” from ‘A Different World’, round sunglasses were a hot trend in the 70’s, 90’s and well…now.  Round sunnies are truly an easy way to spruce up your collection without doing too much.


Summer Solstice: Sheer

It’s  a no-brainer that we’ve switched out the knits for lighter fabrics.  Pieces made with sheer material is beneficial, not only for style, but for keeping cool, as well.

If you’re afraid of the material, don’t be.  Wear flesh-tone undergarments or simple tanks to conceal any unmentionables.


For everyone out there excited for the season, let’s start off with the all-time summer anthem with “Summertime”.

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