I love how businesses are now catering to the consumer, providing products for us to try, use, and even buy all for a small monthly fee. I knew there were boxes were hair and beauty, but had never heard of a box for jewelry. For those that were just as surprised as I am, this is definitely true.

Enter Rocksbox.


A representative from Rocksbox contacted me to give me the scoop on their membership program and a well-known list of designers that are a part of their offerings. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up & take the style survey
  • Receive the box on your doorstep with 3 pieces chosen for you based on your style profile
  • Wear and swap for new pieces or wear, love, & buy your piece at 20% of retail
  • Be fabulous!

Okay, I added that 4th bullet, but you get it.


The box was customized just for me. I love it!


Here are the pieces that were chosen for me:

The styles they chose were definitely my style! I love, love, love the necklace and the bracelet & rings are too delicious for words! They did an amazing job at choosing a style that fits me best.


Your Own Offer

Want a box of your own to try? Sign up on and use code latishaxoxo for a free month!


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