Uptown-Downtown Style

One of my favorite methods of styling is taking something plain and simple and adding the elements that showcase your personality for the day. Jeans and a top can seem rather plain, until you add those accessories to show your girly or even semi-tomboyish style. I’m going to show you how one outfit can change the look by just adding the right accessories to the mix.

Uptown Girl

I love this look because it takes this plain top and jeans into something chic and fantastic. Just adding heels is just the beginning. Overly chic and detailed accessories can add girly elements without having to add too much frill. Top it off with a girly lip color that pops.

Downtown World!

In a downtown world, a girl has to be comfortable, but showcasing style is the main point to make. Her kicks have to be cutting edge and stylish and her accessories are super trendy. She’s made it her business to execute this plain top and jeans and make it a style of her own.

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