One of the things I want to do this season is go apple picking. Although I’ve never really been a big apple fan, I do love that you can take something like an apple and make something completely delicious out of it instead of a can. In the mean time, I purchased a 5lb. bag of apples (Michigan Apples, to be exact) in hopes of trying a few recipes that will become a season staple for our household. The first recipe to make the cut was the Homemade Apple Butter I made using this recipe.

Mix it all together. It smells Heavenly!

Toss in crock pot

My favorite foods to eat it with are on a warm piece of toast and even pancakes as a substitute for syrup.

This is an easy recipe to make, especially with the upcoming holidays. If you’re looking for a sweet treat made from scratch, I say give it a try!

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