You don’t have to call 20/20 to report that winter has arrived. It happens every season. Times like these it seems that putting everything on in your closet seems to be the only way to dress if you step outside in the Arctic air. Contrary to popular opinions, you don’t have to dress like the kid from a Christmas Story to be warm. The fashion options are plentiful, but there are just a few key indicators to bear in mind when you’re trying to put together an ensemble.

Heavy materials reign supreme. Heavy knits, wools, and even cashmere are wonderful materials for sweaters. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Feel all pieces to feel its weight and consistency before you purchase. If you can see your hand through it or it feels like a wide-ruled sheet of paper, it’s not heavy enough. This will also help with durability. You don’t want to have to buy a coat every winter because the last one you bought fell to shreds.

Layer it on thick. Tanks, camisoles, & tights are awesome to add as a foundation before getting fully dressed. Clothing, like work slacks, are notorious for being friendlier when it’s warmer, but not colder. If you like to wear skirts or dresses, don’t be afraid to wear heavy knit tights underneath. Pile on scarves, gloves, and hats to add some added fashion…and warmth!

Wear the proper shoes. Peep toe booties and shoes are acceptable, but try to let those lay low for a while and opt for shoes that fully cover your feet. If you decide to wear platforms, which still exposes the top of your feet, wear heavy-knit tights to keep your tootsies warm. For me, flat boots & J’s keeps me sane and from freezing.

Buy fashionable winter pieces. This sounds simple, but it’s really the icing on the cake. To be fashionable, you have to buy fashionable. There are so many fun, colorful options to choose from in your winter wear. Beanie hats with cool sayings, wool leggings with fun prints, fur vests, oh my! Take your time looking for these options that fit your personality and style so you don’t have to rush and look thrown together.

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