Ladies, you have to admit: there is nothing sexier than a well-groomed, well-dressed man that smells like he took a bath that day. If he’s wearing a suit, and it fits properly, he gets MAJOR points! The movie “Takers” filled with tons of action & testosterone is a PRIME example of what I’m referring to.


>>Stay focused, ma’am<<

As I was fulfilling my daily dose of “pin”demonium, I came across a great reference from Prime Magazine for guys which outlines how a suit should fit. My posts are typically tailored to the ladies, but I had to show love to the gents out there today.

Gentlemen, listen: as we women gracefully get younger (watch it), we like our men to dress down like an adult and still be able to clean up well for a nice function. If you’re looking to step up your wardrobe (notice, I didn’t say “Swag”), invest in a quality, tailored suit that will last you for as long as we ladies…continue getting younger. 😉

How a Suit Should Fit by Primer Magazine


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