Most of us are accustomed to wearing black leather, but colored leather has been inching its way back into fashion closets for the past couple of years. It’s funny how fashion trends come back full circle. The last time (I remember) colored leather was cool was when Sisqo was a blond singing “Five Steps” and Ginuwine was “So Anxious”. Colored leather also was anything but subtle. It was a full on jacket and pant or skirt combo. For a 90’s boy band or artist – in the 90’s, this was acceptable. Now, not so much.

So how do you wear this trend without looking like you’re about to sing four-part harmony in a boy band? Here’s my fashionable opinion.

Colored Leather: Cobalt


Pick the right color
If you’re going to wear colored leather, colors oxblood, cobalt, & hunter would work perfectly. Understand that leather is a texture that has the ability to outshine your entire existence, so subtle colors work best here. You want it to work with your outfit, not against your entire being.

Colored Leather: Hunter


Pick the right texture
Leather or pleather: whatever your pleasure. Me? I’d rather go faux. Leather is actually animal skin and if it’s colored, it means that skin is dyed and wearing that makes me shudder. As long as the leather is not have that wet shine or plastic look to it, you should be safe. Not all fauxs are made equal. Take your time before you buy!

Colored Leather: Oxblood


Pick one piece. Please.
Here’s where you can be fashionable. Pick only one piece to wear. One! A pair of slim-fit pants, a pencil skirt, or even a jacket. Keep it simple. Make the color your pop of color. Do not wear the pants and the matching jacket. If you are wearing a leather dress, that counts as your one piece.

Regardless of the tone, you can wear colored leather out with friends, on a date, or even in the workplace. Yes! With everything done in moderation and decency, you can wear your leather anywhere and be fashionable day and night.
I’m all for wearing colored leather, when done right. What about you?


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