Things that have contributed to self care.

My thirties have definitely been the best years of my life. As I age gracefully, I’m becoming more aware, more alive, and more in love with who I am shaping to be. On this journey, I’m learning to slow down and take note of the everyday things I use to help me feel my best. When I took inventory of the things I was consuming, whether purchasing to wear, to use in everyday beauty and care to what I was feeding my brain, I realized I had been on some seemingly hurried journey, just rushing to buy whatever and keep it moving. Over time, I realized there were five specific things I decided to change and instead invest in quality. All of which, has enhanced my life and my self care tremendously!


The days of just tossing on some boy shorts and a tank top for me are long gone! When you work out, you put on workout clothing. When you attend church, there’s clothes for that too. So why is it when it comes to sleep, we throw on the rattiest items in our drawers? Pajamas for me signals that it’s time to relax and get prepared for bed. Taking just a little more effort and time with yourself can reap so many benefits!!

Essential Oils

I am a huge proponent of using essential oils from everyday use to simply just purifying the air. The essential oils I used to invest in were from the grocery store, which were also not the best. After much research, Young Living oils are the purest form of oils you will get on earth and I have been investing in the best for 2 years. It has changed how we do life and wellness, from no longer burning candles to skin & sleep support! Follow me on Instagram here to follow my journey! Click the link in bio to get your own. <3


My Library of Books

I have such an urge for learning and books is one way to get that knowledge. I wrote how I “read” 15 books in a year in this blog post here and I am on the same trajectory this year. Listening to books on Audible has truly filled me with a wealth of knowledge that I otherwise would not have been able to do with how hectic my schedule can be.


I have been struggling with skin since my teens trying everything on the market. What I found is the less I use the better the results. I use the oil cleansing method to clean my skin and my face has never looked better. My routine consists of:

-Cleansing with jojoba oil & frankincense
-Toning with Caudalie Grape Water or Rose Water
-Moisturizing with Rose Moisturizer from Fresh
-Rolling my face with a facial roller

Here & there I will add in a quick Bentonite Clay Mask and facial steaming session. That’s it!

Comfortable Panties

Okay this may seem like a no-brainer to some people, but for me, it wasn’t. I realized self care can include taking care of the garments that cover your nether regions and should be soft and comfortable. I absolutely LOVE the underwear from Aerie. I bought 17 pairs, thank you very much, because they are just that comfortable. They have a range of styles from boy short to lacy, low-rise to high rise. The material is soft and styles are endless!

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