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Apple sent tech geeks into a frenzy on Tuesday with an hour and a half of announcements, software presentations, and gadgets & gizmos a-plenty. Although they unveiled the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus that can do everything except end wars and world hunger, it was the Apple Watch that was the talk of the show.

Truth be told: I haven’t worn a watch, consistently, since the 7th grade. At 13 I had a cell phone and I find I am really tough on watches, so durability is another issue. When the wearbales market started making major moves to create something enhance life even further, I was always intrigued by the technology, but turned off by the sheer look of it. I’m a girl who refuses to do ugly. Functional is great, but a big, clunky black rubbery watch wasn’t going to be the accessory of choice ever, no matter how it made life easier.

Enter Apple Watch.

On top of functionality, the Apple Watch comes in so many different styles & colors to fit whatever your personality {Click here to see the collections}. A girl like myself loves options and after doing some further research, I’m actually excited to look into buying this watch!


This one is my favorite for the upcoming Spring 2015 season paired with these headphones that pair so well! Of course!

Apple isn’t the only company that sees the value in fashionable wearables. Tory Burch has teamed up with FitBit to turn your plain tracker into one chic accessory.


Tory Burch For Fitbit Metal Hinged Bracelet

Other brands like Rebecca Minkoff & the Cuff Security Bracelet are just a few who are also creating tech wear that is beautiful, yet technologically functional.

Will you be making the plunge to fashion wearables?

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  • There is no reason why your accessories can’t be both intelligent and beautiful! Great piece on the future of wearables.

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