If I take a quick inventory of all the gifts I’ve asked for in the past three years, they’ve all been something electronic…and it’s usually a camera of some sort. No joke.

Last year, my Hubby bout me this camera here, which has been one of the best gifts ever! The hardest part is that I love to take pictures wherever I go, but it’s kinda hard to have a DSLR stashed in your clutch at a birthday dinner or party without people thinking you’re the hired photog. I’ve been itching for a point-and-shoot camera that could get the job done and not require an extra large purse to tote it in. Enter the new Nikon Coolpix S01 Digital Camera.

After doing some initial research, I had the chance to see this baby in person, and eventually get it. I immediate fell in love with the look (superficial, I know). Nikons have always been a great brand of cameras, so I expected the best in terms of function. This camera is so tiny, it fits in the palm of my hand.

The S01 is super light and cute, but also takes wonderful photos, comes with an auto white balance feature and has multiple picture settings depending on your mood.

I even love the fact that the back is a touch screen with one home button.

In the season of giving, I’d recommend checking out this camera. It’s great for adults, as well as teens and tweens, as well and comes at a very reasonable price point. This camera also comes in four different colors.

This review is strictly from my perspective and opinion only. I was not paid to provide this review.

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