I am simply a sucker for a new and shiny toy, but I’m also one to put it to the test before investing in something myself. Earlier this year, I was one of the suckers people that upgraded from the 1st generation iPad to the 3rd generation. It was worth every penny and has been a fantastic investment that keeps me organized, and up-to-date [technically speaking]. After much speculation, Apple released their highly anticipated iPad mini…along with the 4th generation iPad.

[Stands on soapbox] Is anyone else out there a little ticked off by a 4th gen release? Okay…I’m done. [Gets off soapbox]

Anywho, I had a chance to put the mini in my own hands (not at the store) and put it to the test.

The mini was definitely lighter in weight and performed the same functions as a regularly sized iPad. I can say it’s definitely nice using the same apps without having to wait for an optimized version for a smaller screen. Which brings me to my next point: the resolution.

I could see myself using this on a daily basis. The screen is MUCH easier to type on, thank goodness, it fits in the palm of your hand, and it’s easier to tote in your purse. However, the deal killer for me was the fact it did not come with a retina display.

If you want an analogy to compare resolutions of the new iPad & the iPad mini, it’s like watching television in high def (HD) for a long period of time, then buying a new, top of the line tv, only to watch it in standard def (SD). While you can bear it, you can’t get past the fact that you can see every pixel on the screen.

Screen capture of Distro Magazine, November 2012 issue

As these devices advance, your expectations for the newest items be just as great, but 1M times better. I think the iPad Mini is a phenomenal device that can compete with other mini tablets on the market. However, it falls short of providing the retina display, which is a major selling point for all their other devices.

I am a huge Apple fanatic, no doubt. I will continue to politely use my (now) outdated iPad 3rd generation until the iPad Mini is released with a retina display.

This review is my personal opinion and viewpoints. I was not paid by any company or affilate for providing this review.

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