As a blogger I’m always thinking, moving, daydreaming and creating. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t even read a fashion magazine for leisure anymore without getting inspired to write about it! But hey, it’s my job and I love it!

My friends will tell you that I love my Apple products and the many apps that are available for them. It doesn’t help that I am a certified geek when it come to technology. I love new hardware, as well as software to make life a lot easier at times. When I’m on the go, there are a few apps I use religiously and I wanted to share.

Flipboard (Free) – LOVE the layout on this app! It allows you to choose from various online publications & magazines into a grid layout and read different articles and stories of the moment. It keeps all of your favorites saved in this one app. I can read updates from Who What Wear, Glamour Magazine, Nylon, and many other things that are hot to keep me updated. It also has a social media interface, allowing you to Tweet and even save to your Pocket app.

Pocket (Free) – Speaking of Pocket, here’s another one I use religiously. This app is good for people that want to sit and read a articles on a website, but don’t necessarily have the time at the moment. With one click, I can store the page into my app and I can come back later and read it when I want to or have the time. They even have a button in Chrome you can add and save to your account in one click. This also works with my laptop, iPad, and iPhone.

Popsugar (Free) – Boy, oh boy! I love the entire “sugar” empire, especially Geeksugar, Bellasugar, and Yumsugar. So rather than be online all day, what better way to get on your phone or tablet and open the app to skim through all the “sugars” in one place. The layout is user friendly and the photographs are as beautiful as they are online.

Next Issue (Free) – New Fave! New Fave! I am RAVING about this app. This app is good for those of us that are in love with magazines, subscribed to everything out there but don’t have a bunch of places to store physical mags. Not only that, you get tired of dashing to the store for the latest issue. And finally, you’re tired of paying all that money every month or for per-year subscriptions. Look no further; here’s a solution to have your cake and eat it too!

For only $10/month (and the first month is free to try), you can get a BUNCH of popular magazines to download as soon as they hit the shelves. Titles go as far back as the beginning of the year and you can pick and choose which ones you want to see or not. You have access to over 30 different publications to download. This month, I’ve gotten Elle, Glamour, Bazaar, InStyle, Lucky, People Stylewatch, Essence, Vogue…do I need to keep going? Get this app!

Flight + Track Live Flights ($5.99) – I’m not really sure what I did before I used this app for traveling, but now I know better.  This app is worth every dollar (almost more, in my opinion). With Flight +, you can add your flight information or look up flights, keep track of times, gates (it even tells you gate changes, up to date), maps of hundreds of airports, the type of plane you will be flying on – it’s simply amazing. Without this app, I’d have to drop bread crumbs from Atlanta to wherever I was going to keep me in line. I do not travel without using this app.

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