I consider myself a pretty savvy girl. I love to experience the fullness of life and keeping up with the latest trends, technology and news. I’m not afraid to try something new in my beauty routine or try a new layout for a room in my home. I’m not afraid of being transparent and say I don’t always have it together & can definitely say I’ve gotten it wrong more times than I have correct. I’m not perfect, but, I try to be the best at everything I do! It’s what makes me unique!

As I was prepping to graduate college 10 years ago, I realized all of these things about me had a term coined for it: “The Modern Girl“. I picked up this book at the bookstore titled “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life” by Jane Buckingham. Of course, I was drawn to the bright pink cover and swanky illustration on the front of the book. However, it was the content on the inside that blew me away! Jane’s words jumped off the page. I could relate to everything she said on about this girl. She wasn’t boring, she didn’t try too hard to be your girlfriend, and the topics were so easy to understand! The book outlined everything from self-care, to how to drill a hole properly to how to drink scotch like the boys. It instantly became my go-to handbook for a lot of things as a single girl.


Over the years I’ve experienced so much {marriage, baby, new jobs, new houses, new…everything} and the world and how we live has evolved in the last 10 years. Instead of writing for just that moment, Jane came back and revised the original version of the book to make the content relevant for the day. Some of the newer topics include Social Media 101, an improved workout guide to Barre classes, SoulCycle, & Spin, parties, crockpot meals, power brows & shopping at a Farmer’s Market. I am such a huge fan of this book and looking forward to diving deep & learning some new stuff!

Without squealing too loudly {trying to keep my composure here}, I’m excited to share I had the honor and privilege to interview Jane regarding the release of the revised copy of MGGTL, in stores on September 29, and her thoughts on who a Modern Girl really is. Check it out.


The Interview
LG of BB: For those who aren’t familiar with the term “Modern Girl”, define who the Modern Girl is in 2015.

JB: I think the Modern Girl of 2015 is a lot like the Blushing Black reader… She is a woman who wants to try a lot of things, be a lot of things and do a lot of things, but knows she doesn’t have to be perfect at all (or even any) of them. Above all she is a girls girl, she helps her girlfriends out with little tips and tricks whenever she needs them and is always there as a shoulder to cry on or to give her friends an honest kick in the pants if that’s what’s required. She’s not trying to be superwoman (well, not all the time) but she is someone who lives life to its fullest – well most of the time anyway — and is someone who isn’t afraid to have fun, break the rules or the glass ceiling!

LG of BB: What was the hardest part of updating MGGTL?

JB: I think the hardest part was keeping the book under 1000 pages! There was SO much I wanted to add but there was a limit to what I could put in. So I had to think about what the MUSTS were and go from there. I also really try to only include things that I really feel will be useful and belong in a book. In the 10 years since I did the first edition everyone has google on their phone info at the ready. So I wanted to make sure I included information or tips that you might not find on a regular internet search or things you would want to come back to.

The best advice I got was that as a woman you shouldn’t think of it as balance you should think of it as a boat trying not to capsize — some days you might lean “too much” to your work or other days to your kids and ignore your work a bit, but as long as you don’t capsize and correct a bit then you are doing ok.

LG of BB: What are you inspired by?

JB: It may sound cliché but I am inspired by creativity or passion in any form. When people are creating or thinking in a new way it really inspires me to think differently about how I think and about what I believe. I am by my nature a “researcher” I love to find the “best way” to do something” so I love when people go with their hearts and their souls, because that isn’t about the “best.” When someone feels passionately about anything, I wonder what has created that passion in them. So it makes me want to investigate and learn about it.

LG of BB: As a Modern Girl myself I know I want & try to do it all, but sometimes doing everything can be a bit much. What’s your personal mantra for the days you’re feeling a little out of balance?

JB: Oh, you mean Everyday 😉 It really is too much pressure to try to do everything. No one can. So you have to forgive yourself and take some of that pressure off. The best advice I got was that as a woman you shouldn’t think of it as balance you should think of it as a boat trying not to capsize — some days you might lean “too much” to your work or other days to your kids and ignore your work a bit, but as long as you don’t capsize and correct a bit then you are doing ok. Also, I think it’s important to decide when it will really be “enough.” Goal setting is really important and we should of course always strive to do more and get better, but sometimes I think as women especially we don’t stop to appreciate how far we’ve come or what we’ve done. At one point I had written 4 books in 5 years and I was about to write another one – and this was on top of my REAL job and raising two small children and I had to say – “Wait a minute, when is enough?? At what point will you be satisfied?” So I took a pause for about 8 years…Because I had been on such a treadmill thinking I had to always be doing more and more. More isn’t ALWAYS better.

LG of BB: In a few years as time evolves again & the “Modern Girl” has new experiences in life, will we see an updated version again that speaks where the Modern Girl is at that time?

JB: It’s hard to say. I love The Modern Girl books. And I love being able to help women, but I also want to be able to offer advice that is relevant and useful. So if I still feel I can do that then I will keep going as long as readers want it. But if there is someone or a resource that can do it better that’s ok too! The goal was to be helpful, so I just want the information out there. Right now I’m sort of obsessed with helping young women get more prepared for getting jobs so was thinking about a Modern Girls Guide to Careers…but we’ll see 🙂

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life, Revised Edition, is available for pre-order! Be sure to get your copy on September 29!

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