Since 2013, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing a number of weddings in and around the city of Atlanta. Every time I shoot, I get a little inspired from all of the pretty palettes, dreamy dresses, and amazing floral arrangements. In this time, I’ve been blessed to meet some of the top planners, bakers, florists, and others in the industry. A few years ago I particularly had the chance to meet a beautiful woman who owned a wedding boutique specifically for the curvy girl! Yes! How amazing is that?! #mindblown This beauty is Mesita Partridge of Ivory Bridal & Formal.

Mesita’s boutique is exactly what you would want your world to look like if “girly” describes you. Everything from the colors of the walls, to the decor, to the dresses she offers is perfectly placed with perfection. Her attention to detail makes her exceptional, but her passion to help plus-sized brides find the perfect wedding dress & feel just as beautiful is where her magic lies. Mesita’s gift to this market makes her the number 1 wedding boutique for the curvy bride in Atlanta!

Today’s Hustle, Honey! is about a woman who took a leap of faith to pursue her business full-time bringing beauty & fabulousness to the curvy girls who finally found their prince charming!

LG of BB: What’s the story behind Ivory Bridal?
MP: It all started when I got married. I wanted a mermaid dress and all the stores that I went to only had small sample sizes. I could not find a dress that would go over my hips and I was so discouraged. I finally found one and loved it, but the process was so stressful. Ever since then, I said I should open up a boutique for curvy girls! I took my time and did a lot of research and the rest is history.

LG of BB: From what I remember, you made a leap of faith and quit your 9-5 to run Ivory Bridal full time. When did you know it was time to make that leap & do you regret it?
MP: Yes, it was a huge jump for me. I didn’t have a ton of money saved but I couldn’t continue to work for someone else. I chose Faith over Fear and just did it. I haven’t looked back and all of my needs have been provided! When you are living in your purpose things just work out.

LG of BB: Running your own business can be a bit scary, but it’s a dream for many of us. Do you ever doubt yourself? If so, how do you overcome it?
MP: Yes, all the time! But I pause and say to myself if this is easy everybody would do it. So chill you got this! My husband is also very supportive and has helped me to feel better when I am down. I also have a board of positive affirmations that I recite from time to time.

Just because you aren’t a size 6 doesn’t mean that you can’t be curvy, confident, and stylish! -Mesita Partridge, Ivory Bridal & Formal

LG of BB: Your business is based on a highly-profitable, yet stressful industry. Why delve in to the wedding industry? What drew you to it?
MP: Before opening the boutique I worked in corporate and social event sales for many different venues. Weddings were always my favorite events. I love all the pretty little details.

LG of BB: What has been the most successful moment in your business?
MP: There have been so many! Every time a bride buys their dress I am just so grateful. It has also been fun to be featured on a reality show and have a sitcom film in my location.

LG of BB: One of the greatest things our society is beginning to embrace more are the curvy girls. I love that this industry is taking off and really showcasing real women with real bodies. You took it a step further with Ivory Bridal, making the curvy bride your focus. How has this niche helped your business?
MP: It has helped my business tremendously! Sales have tripled since I made the decision to go curvy. I believe that curvy girls can have a stylish wedding gown and it’ s my mission to make sure that happens. Just because you aren’t a size 6 doesn’t mean that you can’t be curvy, confident, and stylish!

LG of BB: What’s your mantra in life?
MP: “A Girl Should be Two Things, Fabulous & Classy” – Coco Chanel

LG of BB: What do you love most about what you do?
MP: It’s a huge joy when someone says Yes to their dress. If a bride cries I always cry too! I can’t hold it in.

LG of BB: When you’re not working, what are some of your hobbies & passions?
MP: I love going to pretty restaurants, pinning my dream home on Pinterest, drinking margaritas and eating Mexican food.

LG of BB: What’s some advice you would give to a business owner just starting out?
MP: Don’t try to do everything yourself. Seek help when needed. Whether it’s an accountant, a social media manager, an assistant just hire out. It may seem like you can’t afford it, but you can’t afford not to. It will make life much easier. Also, find interns who want to learn your industry that may need college credit. It’s a win for both parties!

LG of BB: What is your secret to success?
MP: To always smile and pray no matter what. I try my best to be organized and outline goals by quarter. It makes it easier to get things done and I feel a since of accomplishment when I check something off my list.

LG of BB: You’re a fierce wife, mother, & business owner. What’s something other people may not know about you?
MP: Why, thank you! Aside from being those things one of my most proud and memorable moments was running a half marathon. Crossing the finish line was the best feeling ever. I hope to get to do it again very soon.

LG of BB: What’s next in the future for Ivory Bridal?
MP: We are developing a new line of curvy bridal separates and considering a second location. We also plan to add prom for curvy girls because our phone is ringing off the hook for it! Stay tuned! And, we have added wedding planning to our business. Our specialty is month of wedding coordination. More details can be found at

LG of BB: I see you girl. Keep hustlin’.

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  • This interview is truly inspiring. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. As a very cautious person, I am trying to take more chances and step out on faith.

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