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2 thoughts on “antres-finnie-robot-rebel

  • Unknown

    YOU was the most horrible person I ever work with
    Due to your personal pain you inflicted your issues onto women That was just there working hard To make women feel beautiful
    Yes I was part of your team at WHBM
    In my head and heart of always bless you and wish you well will you missed treated me continuously and the team saw it but nobody will ever speak up . I’ve always thought self-hatred so I always try to be the better person the bigger person walking in and seeing you was just despicable but I had to silence my cell as you did to get along to be a part
    Working with you make me a better person because I would never want to be you it’s good to see that you finally or maybe Have a softer heart to human beings especially women
    Enough of my babbling I’ve spoke my truth to you

  • Unknown

    Yes you’ll see a lot of grammar misspelled words it was on purpose hopefully you’ll remember why

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