Okay, girls! Whether you’re ready or not, the time has come! The holidays are upon us & it’s time to grab all of the things. Today’s guide is specifically my faves for girls. My girls are 6 & 3, so I try to grab unique items that aren’t necessarily toys, but still fun and age-appropriate. Here are all things sparkly, glossy, fluffy & fun are a part of this list. And you’ll be happy to know that a 6 & 3-year-old approved this list! 🙂


ONE // Fujifilm Instax Camera – this was such a hit for my girls last Christmas! Now granted, it was a challenge to keep them from taking all of the photos, but once they got the hang of how to operate it, they took some pretty cute photos. It’s super cute and easy for little hands to operate!

TWO // Kids Sequin Dress – Okay, let’s be honest – what girl doesn’t like sequins for the holidays?! Level up your girl’s closet with this super adorable dress! Keep in mind these are kid sizes. 😉

THREE // Nothing says “fashionable big girl” like these furry UGG slides. These slides are super cute and pair well with a cute sweatsuit or sweatshirt & jean combo. My girls are all about the pink & purple ones, but they come in a variety of colors for your fave girl to choose from.

FOUR // If you have the girliest if girls like mine, nail polish is a MUST HAVE in our house. The problem is protecting them from cosmetics, like nail polish, from harmful, toxic ingredients that come with the territory. That’s why we love brands like Ella & Mila, which are 7-free, vegan, and have all of the cutest colors, without the trash. Stock up their caboodles this year with all of the colors so they are able to change colors to go with every outfit!

FIVE // Skillmatics Guess in Ten Card Game – Okay, so let’s talk games! I was gifted this game by Skillmatics and it was an INSTANT hit for my 6-year-old. What we love about this game is that it requires you to ask critical questions in order to guess the animal on the card. The game requires you to pay attention, listen, and ultimately think before you answer. For a mom who is always trying to find ways to challenge my daughter, this game was absolutely fantastic in helping to build those skills. They also have other categories such as cities, states, countries, sports, and more! This is a unique gift that they will be playing all year long – and learning along the way!

SIX // ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly Gloss – Like the nail polish above, one of the hardest things (also) as a mom is keeping people from gifting my girls with the standard lip glosses that are toxic. Call it what you want, but you’d be very surprised how the ingredients to make these products can be harmful to your child’s health. So, I had to figure out what brands were safe enough to gift that did not alter their hormones, with colors that were still appropriate enough to wear. Enter Tower 28.

I love this brand for me, personally. However, we’ve been gifting these to our girls over the past 2 years and they have loved the experience. The colors are pretty, yet sheer enough and they give that glossy look to make them feel like they are wearing something. LOL If you’re looking for a quick, non-toxic option for glosses, I’d highly recommend these.

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