Get the Look: Summer Colors


Many of us can agree that we get our makeup inspirations from a picture of someone with a flawless face, which gets us motivated to try and recreate the look. When I saw this beautiful picture above, I definitely had to share the steps on how you can recreate this look, as well.

1. Many may begin this look off with foundation, but it’s best to do your eyes first. Why? MUA SECRET: If you have fallout from your shadows, it won’t mix and smudge into your foundation.

Start off by priming your face, then follow up with shadow, lashes, then liner. Finish off this section by filling in your brows.

2. Next, apply foundation, set with a powder, then apply your favorite color brush. The idea here is to give you a summer shimmer where the sun hits the cheeks. You can even go for a “flushed” look using coral and pink blushes.

3. Highlight where needed (brows, brow bone, under eyes, cheeks & chin), add lip liner, and add a pigmented gloss for color and shine on lips. Finish off the look with a makeup setting spray.



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