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Polished Travel

The Must-Have Products for Travel

In the last year, I’ve shared my sentiments with switching my beauty routine and products to all natural. With each trip taken, I’ve added products to the routine to make sure my skin stays hydrated & healthy, as well…


All the Makeup Advice You’ll Ever Need in 2017

Okay okay! So I think we’ve hit a point in the makeup industry where we can say, we’ve seen A LOT!!! I mean we’ve seen everything trend, color wise, from blue lipstick to bright yellow eye shadow. And thank…


Luxe Apothecary x Revive Body & Bath

At the young age of 32, I’ve become more aware about what goes in my body & on my skin. I’ve had a few setbacks and hang ups with both my diet and beauty regimen, so I decided to…


5 Beauty Products to Try for Summer

When it comes to your beauty regimen, I believe your products should transition with the summer. The ultimate goal is to feel like your best self and those items you require should enhance that goal. A heavy moisturizer you…


My Favorite Lush Skincare Products

Over the past month, I’d been contemplating changing the products I use for my skin. My face was getting bored with the same-old-same and to be honest, they really weren’t made with the natural products I’d been longing for.…