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The Year of Surrender

Twenty eighteen. Wow! We are here and at the beginning of a new year! While many are focusing on resolutions, that generally focus on fixing things from the past, I’m creating the vision, which focuses on my future. Like…


5 Things I Learned in 2017

So…we’re counting down another year. There’s that! Either I’m busy doing at F-5 tornado speed or I’m at a standstill and the world is moving around me, Category 5 hurricane pace. That’s sort of the best way I can…


A Seat at the Table (For Everyone)

If you’re just getting started doing something, do it well! Don’t be afraid of looking bad or asking questions. The professional was once a novice.…

Health Life

How #DoingIt Can Save Your Life

I think all of us can admit that we’ve seen an influx of advice, memes, and even entire businesses created in the last 5 years solely dedicated to promoting self-care and wellness. We’ve become accustomed to creating mantras, reciting…


Books Currently on my Nightstand

From the time I was a little girl, fashion, lifestyle, writing, and beauty have always been a part of my DNA. One of my favorite past times that I rarely share is my love for reading. Maybe because the…

Life Motherhood

Advice to Myself As a New Mom

October 2014 I can remember the very second I found out I was pregnant. Scratch that. The moment I got a positive pregnancy test. At the time I wasn’t sure. I was excited, but emotionally I was numb. I…