It’s common for my husband and me to email each other about any and everything from two to ten times a day. Topics can range from new technology (because we’re geeks like that), the latest recipe that we want to try, or writings about just being better people in general and living life to the fullest. Many of the messages I receive are very good, but one in particular really made me stop and think for hours. It asked this very simple question:

Are you settling?

Are you settling for certain things in life that does not make you happy, challenges you daily, and really go for the things that truly matter to you in life? At the end of the day, it drives home the point that we ALL settle.


The writing made me think about the things I’m settling for in life. Am I settling for someone’s behavior to avoid conflict? What about settling to have a job instead of a career? Am I settling to avoid looking like a failure? Are you settling for less in life based on fear? All of these questions (and more) came out of someone challenging the thought of “everything is okay” mentality. Just what if, in this crazy world with all of our crazy thoughts we think, life truly could be better?

Here are some of the questions from the article that we’ve all heard before for the sake of comfort:

“You should be lucky to have any job in this economy.”

“You should just settle for a nice guy. You’re too picky.”

“You look great now. Stop stressing about your workout.”

However, this is not to be confused with extreme situations. Every job is not legal, having a list “wants” from a relationship the length of the Declaration of Independence is unnecessary, & someone with body issues does not apply here. These questions are for those that want more in life and feel they have settled for what they have instead of going for what they want!

Each of us have a right to live life abundantly and to the fullest. I believe that. This blog isn’t written to tell you exactly how to handle your situation in which you settle, but to provoke thought within. Sometimes we don’t have to have anyone tell us what we’re settling for and what is most valuable to us in life. You already have the answers. Just look within yourself and your truth.

What are you settling for in life? Now that you know, what are you going to do about it?

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