No matter how old you get, Christmas definitely has the ability to make you feel like a kid again. Every year the hustle and flow of Christmas shopping can get overwhelming, so it’s easy to forget to take the time to indulge in memorable activities with those you love.

As I was reminiscing about my past Christmas experiences, I made a list of all the fun things that were the most memorable that anyone can do and didn’t really cost a thing to participate in! If you’re looking for things to do for Christmas or during the holiday season while you’re off, here are a few ideas to try.

1. Watch Christmas Movies

Call it cheesy if you may, but some of my favorite memories around Christmas came from watching movies at home with my family. Movies like Home Alone, Frosty (the original cartoon), How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon version), and Rudolph (the claymation version) are ones that make the Christmas holidays that much more meaningful and special. Add in a cozy blanket, my sofa, and some hot chocolate, and we’re in business!

Find a set of movies to watch with your family at home. The cost is nothing, but the memories behind that quality time mean everything.

2. Make Homemade Hot Chocolate

Speaking of hot chocolate, opt for white hot chocolate. If you’re new to the concept, it only takes on sip of it to adopt! I have making this recipe of it on my list for next week.

3. Bake Homemade Sweets Together

Are you sensing a theme here yet? Instead of buying cookies and other sweets, make them for the house. As simple as this sounds, there’s an added touch of love when sweets are made at home and not store bought.

4. Create a Master List of Your Favorite Christmas Tunes

I find that I’m very particular about Christmas music. The only versions of Silent Night I love to hear are either from Boyz II Men or The Temptations. Instead of waiting for your favorite radio stations to play the exact song you want to hear, make a playlist to play around the house! Simple, easy, and it’s free!

5. View Christmas Lights with Friends and Family

One of the classic memories I have with family is driving around looking at Christmas lights. It still amazes me how homeowners take the time to decorate their houses so beautifully. Here in Atlanta, the Botanical Garden hosts its “Garden Lights Holiday Nights” event where you can walk around and view lights instead of driving. It’s a beautiful exhibit and romantic for those that want to hold hands under a sea of Christmas lights in the garden.

6. Participate in a Charity to Give a Gift to a Child in Need

Christmas is about giving and it’s nice to give to loved ones who have what they need. However, there’s nothing more fulfilling than giving to a child or even a family in need for the season. Visit your local shelter’s website or community website to see what charities are collecting items for those in need. Be your best by giving your best.

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