Valentine’s Day is coming and it’s important to remember to love yourself before you can expect someone else to do it. Many times we are disappointed because we have in our minds what this day is supposed to be, putting the ball in ball in someone else’s court to make you happy.

Whether you’re single or married, here are 14 ways you can love your own self on Valentine’s Day!

1. Pray & meditate
2. Have a journal session, writing down your thoughts, feelings, and even goals.
3. Get dressed up and take yourself on a date
4. Schedule a spa date, complete with a massage, pedicure, and facial
5. Schedule brunch with girlfriends & have a gift exchange
6. Draw a romantic bubble bath with champagne, candles, essential oils, & relaxing music
7. Host a “Gal’entine’s Sleepover”
8. Host your own girl’s night, with pretty floral arrangements, drinks, & all things girly
9. Take a painting class with a friend, BYOB, of course
10. Make yourself breakfast in bed
11. Take yourself shopping…even if it’s window shopping
12. Go lingerie shopping. Lace isn’t just for the other person!
13. Make it a karaoke night with friends
14. Visit an art gallery or museum

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