Easy Tips You Can Use for Proper Tech Etiquette for Weddings


As we head into the busiest part of wedding season, I can’t help to think back to this time two years ago when I was on the verge of a meltdown planning my wedding and getting all of the final details together. There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into making your wedding look exactly how you want and it’s extremely annoying to have someone mess it up over something simple. From a former bride, there’s certain unwritten etiquette that should be taken into consideration when it comes to your tech gadgets at weddings. After planning my own, as well as going to my fair share of weddings, I thought I’d share with you the proper tech etiquette that should be displayed when attending a wedding as a guest.

Your Cell Phone
There’s nothing more annoying than to hear anything other than the sound of tears falling or vows being recited on your wedding day. If you are honoring the bride and groom with your presence on their day, make things less stressful {and embarrassing} by turning your phone on silent.


Taking Photos
Don’t take and share {nor ask} to take photos of anything before the wedding. Not only can you potentially show everyone something they’re not supposed to see, but it’s just rude. Wait until the bride presents herself to the world first. You don’t need to be the first to break any news at this event. Save it for later!


Photographer Blocking
Nothing grinds my gears more than for people to stand in the photographer’s way to get their own photos on their cell phones. They hired a professional for a reason. Sit down. It’s rude and they didn’t pay thousands to have you standing in the background holding your cell phone with the penguin cover to get your shot for instagram. Fall back and calm your nerves. You will get your shot.


Be In The Moment
The reason you’re invited is because the bride and groom thought enough of you to share in their day. While it’s okay to check your phone sporadically to make sure everything’s okay with loved ones, it’s only polite to be in the moment. Every single second doesn’t warrant you texting/tweeting/status updating/instagramming/picstiching what’s going on. Rest assure there will be plenty of time to tag your friends and hashtag your message. Communicate while you’re in person!

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