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    Fashion & Style

    9 to 5 Style

    For us girls that love fashion, there’s definitely an outlined understanding that we have to tone it down when we’re in the office. For those of you that have an issue…

  • eyerock-235x300

    Eye Rock Designer Liner

    The one thing I love about beauty is the fact that it continues to get better with time and we girls will never stop learning about it. Although I am a…

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    Food Health

    Summer Hydrate: Flavored Water

    Until recently, I never really liked to drink water. Even though it’s been scientifically proven to be good for you, I just couldn’t get past the taste. When I started getting…

  • miguel-300x166

    Miguel – Adorn [Official Video]

    Miguel is back! Yes! This R&B crooner has such a smooth voice with a range so advanced, he’s sure to be around for years to come. I had the chance to…

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    Fashion & Style

    Rider’s Style

    Riding Boots by blushingblack featuring a Rider’s Style One style I’ve always found so stylish, yet classic is, what I call Rider’s Style. I’m no equestrian, by far, but I love…

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    My Style

    Summer Prints

    Victoria’s Secret Crop Top, Thever Shop Leggings, LoudLook Heels, Boutique Bracelet “Funky fresh. Dressed to impress. Ready to party.” This pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling lately. I’m definitely…