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For the Gents: NBA Style

2013 NBA All-Star Game

For those that may not know, I’ve been a HUGE basketball fan since birth. I’ve seen players come and go, as well as various fashion choices from players. I’m not sure if there’s a pact or trend within the league this year, but their fashion choices have been getting just as much press as their reverse dunks and blocked shots in the paint. Not to say all of their choices have been stellar, but there have been some looks that is definitely worth a few double takes! Here are a few looks from players that immediately caught my eye for their taste and style {that day}.

…and in case you’re wondering…Heat always rises.

Miami Heat v Sacramento Kings
I love Dwayne’s ensemble here. Everything coordinates very well, along with the headphone, which gives it a contrasting pop of color taking it from serious to fresh.

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers, Game 2
Deron’s style is perfect for the season and so effortless! It’s clean, simple, and the accessories add a nice touch without looking like he tried too hard.

Although Chris is sitting, his accessories gets him major kudos. This ensemble was planned, but again, is simple and it doesn’t look like he stepped out of the 80’s with oversized Buddy Holly, clear glasses trend.

Steve Nash’s style has changed tremendously and definitely for the better! Far from a Lakers fan, but Steve gets major points in this style arean! I love how confident he looks as he strides backstage to head in to play. The suit is obviously tailored to perfection which brings the entire look together. This is my favorite look from Steve.

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