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Simple Holiday Travel Tips

Whether it’s a plane, train, or automobile, for those of us heading out for the holidays, you know it can be a bit stressful with long lines, traffic, and traveling with gifts that could easily get smooshed or break.…

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The Big Easy

The N.O. Nawlins. The Big Easy. Whatever you call it, New Orleans is truly a city all its own. The culture, the food, the architecture – who needed a boat load of cash when you can just parlay down…



It’s always exciting to travel to a new city and place, especially when the food is rich, the shopping is amazing, and the hospitality is top-notch. This past weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Charleston, SC for…


Where to Find the Best Luxury Hotel Soaps

It’s happened to the best of us. You spend a whole week packing, only to get to your hotel and realize that you left your soap at home. While it may seem like a small issue, those with dry…


Travel Essentials for the Fab Female Traveler

From shopping for clothes and accessories to debating on how much of it can actually fit in your suitcase, the anticipation building up to a trip is just as exciting as the trip itself for us ladies. Whether you’re…


Amelia Island

Impeccable service & accommodations at The Ritz Carlton Shoes: Lacoste Delicious ice cream & sweets! Gorgeous scenery everywhere This is what I call “putting your feet up” Cozy blankets and gab by the fire with the expecting Mommies Roasting…


The Vacation

Just when it’s time to get ready to unwind, the week explodes. It never fails. Nevertheless the late nights, extra tasks, and several hundred text messages, emails, and phone calls could not stop this day from coming. This is…

All Things Fall Travel

Fall Travel: Amelia Island

I’m always somewhat geeked when it’s time to plan a trip of travel, especially when it’s one that requires sun, sand, and days of not having to be responsible. Sounds a lot like a vacation, right? ☺ The hubby…