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Shown here: MICA, a Stylish Tech Bracelet Apple sent tech geeks into a frenzy on Tuesday with an hour and a half of announcements, software presentations, and gadgets & gizmos a-plenty. Although they unveiled the iPhone 6 & 6…

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Instagram: A Quick Update

Instagram has become a big part of my day and has grown to be my favorite social media platform to post on. For those of you that follow me, you probably have noticed some of the captions referencing LiketoKnow.It…


Black Fridays: Nikon Coolpix S01 Digital Camera

If I take a quick inventory of all the gifts I’ve asked for in the past three years, they’ve all been something electronic…and it’s usually a camera of some sort. No joke.…


Tech Review: The New iPad vs. iPad Mini

I am simply a sucker for a new and shiny toy, but I’m also one to put it to the test before investing in something myself. Earlier this year, I was one of the suckers people that upgraded from…


Geek Chic: My Favorite Apps

As a blogger I’m always thinking, moving, daydreaming and creating. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t even read a fashion magazine for leisure anymore without getting inspired to write about it! But hey, it’s my job and I…


Cute Camera Straps by Paisley Maizie

For all of us DSLR divas out there that love our hardware, we also know that all accessories come in the typical basic “blah” black. One of the things I’ve been wondering is who makes a cute set of…

Home & Décor Tech

Instagrammar: Canvas Pop

Are you a bona-fide lover of instagram? I have to admit: it’s a great way to capture moment and filter them in various ways to make your pictures stand out. It gives us average folks a way to take…


Tech Treats

1. Polka Dot Collection – iPhone 4 Cases – $39.99 ea. | 2. Kate Spade New York Kate Spade Nylon Laptop Bag – $338.00 | 3. iPad White & Gold Case – $89.00 | 4. Caseable Kindle Fire Case – $44.90 | 5.…