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The Best Products for a No-Fuss Makeup Routine

Time. Such a precious commodity that I’m constantly trying to figure out ways to get more of. I must admit: I struggle with this new normal now that I’ve introduced work back into the picture. Nevertheless, I’m pushing myself…


Summer Beauty: NYC Expert Last Lipcolor

It’s officially Summer break and it’s time to switch to those makeup choices to bright, vibrant colors. For those of us that are all about being cute on a budget, I have just the thing for you that love…

Lady Gaga 2013

What Your Sign Says About Your Makeup

Over my 10 year span of doing makeup, I’ve met a lot of women! As with any job, after you’ve done something long enough, you begin to see the commonality in it. Often times, I can talk to a…


5 Ways to Wash Your Face

I’ve been on a mission to achieve clear, radiant skin for over a year now. And of course as a makeup artist, it never ceases to amaze me how little most women care for their skin. Some of us…


The Go-To Guide for Selecting Beauty Professionals

As we watch the beauty industry evolve with self-proclamation, I find it super easy to get confused by appearances when it comes to beauty professionals. “Celebrity” makeup artists, hair stylists and manicurists are absolutely EVERYWHERE! As a 10-year experienced, credentialed,…


Counter Etiquette

So in my effort to keep it real in these streets, (LOL) I thought I’d drop another jewel on you guys. This one is for my MUA’s out there…y’all can thank me later! Lol With the surge of YouTube,…


4 Things to Know About Wearing Faux Lashes

At one time or another, we’ve all vowed to never try a certain thing in the name of beauty, all to try it once and fall in love with it. This was my case with lashes. I couldn’t understand…


Why Colored Eye Shadow Should Be Left in 2014

The trend is over. Gone. Done for. Fini’(Insert my Italian accent with the clutched fingers)! When I started out as a makeup artist, it wasn’t quite the “trendy” thing to do. MAC Cosmetics was still a place of shock…


Fall Nail Color Trends

I can admit I’m a fan of the punchy & neon colors for nails, but it’s the deep fall colors allow you to showcase your inner vamp that’s bold and daring. Here is a quick guide to the top…